Influencers are under fire for praising working conditions in Shein’s clothing factory despite abuse allegations

Influencers who went on a trip to fast-fashion giant Shein’s manufacturing facilities in China came away from the experience posting videos praising the company and throwing cold water on allegations of forced labor and other abuses.

Viewers were more skeptical.

Influencers including Dani Carbonari , AuJené Butler , Marina Saavedra  and Destene Sudduth (itsdestene_) visited the Shein facilities in Guangzhou, China. None of them immediately responded to requests for comment.

In their videos, the influencers said they spoke to employees about their working conditions and were told everything was “normal.” They also emphasized how clean and technologically-advanced the factories were.

There have been reports of alleged forced labor abuses, human rights violations and potentially hazardous materials in clothing at Shein.

Shein has denied forced labor allegations and removed potentially toxic products from its app. A spokesperson previously told CNBC, “As a global company, our policy is to comply with the customs and import laws of the countries in which we operate. SHEIN continues to make import compliance a priority, including the reporting requirements under U.S. law with respect to de minimis entries.”